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Lifeguards must be trained to handle all emergencies that can occur at a swimming facility, including water rescues, first aid, and CPR. As a part of the complete lifeguard certification program, the student will study and practice techniques ranging from rescuing an unconscious person from a pool to checking for breathing and pulse and administering rescue breathing and CPR. As a lifeguard, a person must be prepared and trained for a variety of accidents and illnesses which can occur at a swimming facility.


CPR/AED training is offered as part of our lifeguard training component, as well as a separate course on its own. Being able and trained to assist a person experiencing a cardiac emergency is an invaluable skill to possess, one which will benefit the trainee in many ways. Not only is acquiring the knowledge and skills in CPR and AED use necessary for all people who are training to be lifeguards, but CPR training is desired and often required in other jobs as well.


Water saftey instructors training allows students to teach Water Saftey Instruction or in other terms Swim Classes


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Learn to rescue others in the water, and on land


Save a life by learning to give CPR


Teach others how to swim properly

First Aid

Help others with minor cuts, broken bones and allergic reactions

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Give emergency oxygen to people in need


Learn to teach lifeguarding courses

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