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Indiana – IN - Lifeguard Training

Lifeguards in the State of Indiana – IN , must pass the following prerequisite criteria and obtain a lifeguard certification from a Indiana Department of Health approved certification provider. All lifeguard classes include CPR/AED and First Aid.

American Aquatics and Safety Training

American Aquatics and Safety Training class classes in Indiana – IN


1) Minimum age: 15 years.

2) Swim 300 yards continuously using the breast or front crawl.

3) Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs.

4) Complete a timed event within 1 minute, 40 seconds. Starting in the water, swim 20 yards.

Surface dive to a depth of 7 to 10 feet to retrieve a 10-pound object. Return to the surface and swim 20 yards on the back to return to the starting point. Exit the water without using a ladder or steps.

Courses Include:

American Aquatics & Safety Training 2-year Lifeguarding certification

American Aquatics & Safety Training 2-year First Aid and CPR/AED certification.

This 26.5-hour lifeguarding class is in person. American Aquatics & Safety Training does offer a Blended Learning option. Where the students do 7 hours online and 19.5 hours in-person.

Topics include:

  1. Injury avoidance as well as facility safety
  2. Patron monitoring
  3.  Rescue skills
  4. Victim analysis
  5. Emergency treatment
  6. CPR/AED
  7. Look after head, neck and back injuries

Pre-Requisites for American Aquatics Lifeguard Training classes in Indiana – IN

American Aquatics offers a full Lifeguarding classes in most states in the United States. Lifeguard training program includes information relating to First Aid, equipment-based rescues for water environments, mishap avoidance, and also decision making abilities.

Individuals should be 15 years old by the end of the course. Participation, complete the course, as well as effective completion of written examinations and also efficiency of all water abilities are required.

Topics include:

– Must be 15 years old by the end of the class.

– Tread water for a minimum of 2 minutes.

– Swim 150 yards of front crawl.

– Swim 150 yards of breast stroke.

Lifeguard Training course Include: The total course timing is 26.5 hours.

(eLearning to be completed prior to the beginning of the course)

The Key to Lifeguarding Success in Indiana – IN is Continual Learning

Lifeguarding is an incredibly rewarding career that benefits the community you serve through it. There is potential for lifeguarding to be more than just a summer job for students; lifeguards are required at many levels. From your neighborhood pool to 5-star resorts in the Caribbean, this career path could take you to new and exciting heights. Some lifeguards have graduated to serving private functions, high end facilities, and chartered cruise lines. There are competitions that recognize skills and talent in the field as well as accolades to be earned. How can you reach that level in your career? Start by taking all the recognized classes you can. Lifeguard class classes in Indiana – IN offers a range of beginner to expert classes to introduce you to the job or further your education. As in any career, constant learning is the key to success; you should always be working to improve your trade or your craft.

How Lifeguard Classes in Indiana – IN Differs from the Rest

These lifeguard certification classes are categorized into 20 different levels, each with their own hands-on training plus in-class training. The expectations of all students are high, which is why they get the best job offers in the industry.

Beginners will spend half of their class time learning the water skills needed to make a safe rescue. This includes endurance, stability, spatial-awareness, intuition, and coordination. The work is tiring and rigorous, but it lays the foundation for a successful career ahead. In class, beginner students will learn the basic human anatomy involved in resuscitation and water-injuries. They will delve deep into the mechanisms and scientific background of each lifesaving maneuver.

Expert level classes build on what you already know and go much farther. In these classes we’ll teach you the latest techniques being used in the industry and how to safely apply them. We’ll be using examples of the toughest situations lifeguards are placed in and how to resolve them safely and professionally. Your future in this industry matters to us, which is why we’ll also be guiding students through the business and self-marketing aspects of landing the best job for you.

Why take the Lifeguard class in Indiana – IN ?

Indiana – IN has world renowned indoor swimming facilities as well as leading-edge teachers of lifeguarding. Lifeguard Training Classes in Indiana – IN is home to the industries finest teachers, facilities, and curriculums. The State of Indiana – IN has never felt so safe in the water, thanks to the Lifeguard classes!

What does the Lifeguard Classes Include?

When you enroll in a lifeguarding class, there are various tools and resources included depending on your level. We offer classes ranging from beginner to advanced and expert, as well as classes in the pool and in the classroom. There are so many aspects of lifeguarding any professional in the field needs to know.

Each class, regardless of level, includes an orientation booklet outlining what you’ll be learning in the course. It will include reading materials, assignments, and physical exams. You will refer to this booklet to see when important dates are. You can also opt to get ahead in your studies by reading the study materials in advance and beginning to study for the exam.

Your digital login is a huge component of what the class includes. Each student will be given a username and password to enter the lifeguarding database. From here you’ll be able to sign up for practice exam time slots, ask questions to your instructor, and converse on study topics with fellow students in the online forum. It’s basically your lifeline to staying in the loop with your class.

Beginner classes include all introductory materials as well as complete access to the facilities’ lifeguard training equipment. You will have time during classes to practice your lifesaving techniques on the dummy, but if you need practice outside of class you’re free to use the equipment room. We encourage all students to spend time outside of class to practice and study the content they’ve learned. That’s why all classes also include a free anytime-access pass to the pools; you can practice your endurance and stamina swimming whenever the facilities are open.

Intermediate classes include the same equipment as the beginner class, plus we include more intense training equipment. In intermediate, you will be expected to tread water while wearing weighted vests, properly carry a dummy body out of the water, and then perform CPR on various ages and body types. As you progress, more is expected of you. All students must pass the physical tests to graduate to the next level.

At the advanced level, you’re given access to many more resources. You will be able to take online courses on finding the right lifeguarding job for you, marketing yourself as a lifeguard, as well as access to our job board. We list jobs from over 100 facilities in New York that employ lifeguards, as well as over 50 international companies that require lifeguarding services. Your in-person classes are highly specialized and usually smaller in class size. You will have one-on-one training and guidance from your instructor.

Lifeguarding isn’t for everyone; it requires dedication and commitment to completing the classes and passing the final exam. You need to master your swimming, on-land strength, technical skills, as well as scientific anatomy. If you’d like to know more about what the class includes (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), then feel free to message us on our Contact Page. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your lifeguarding career.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in kickstarting your lifeguarding career, or furthering it will new concepts and education, visit the Enrollment page to sign up and start the interview process. We like to get a sense of what our students have already learned in the field and what their goals are to enroll them in an adequate class for their experience. If you have zero experience, that’s fine too! We’ll place you in a beginner course that gets you well on your way to becoming fully certified.

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