Why take the Aquatic Supervisor course

There are many reasons why someone should take an Aquatic Supervisor class. While not all of them apply to everyone, there are certainly many reasons why someone should take an Aquatic Supervisor class.

One of the most important reasons why someone should take the Aquatic Supervisor or Pool Activity Leader class is because of the certification. By taking and passing this course, you will be certified as an official Aquatic Supervisor (Lifeguard Management and Pool Activity Leader). For New York State, this means that you are now certified for:

  • Supervision Level III Aquatic Staff assisting required lifeguards during instructional activities 
  • Camp Aquatics Director’s certification in a training course for lifeguard supervision and management
  • Training in Children’s Camp Swimming Program Safety

New York State also requires a Lifeguard Management in Person Exam


Implementing and Maintaining the Highest Levels of Standards for the Aquatic Supervisor?

The Aquatic Supervisor (Lifeguard Management and Pool Activity Leader) course will cover pool safety, the excellence among the team:
• The Aquatic Supervisor (Lifeguard Manager and Pool Activity Leader) should personally interview each and every team member prior to hiring them or upon arrival at a facility along with pre-existing staff members. Lifeguards, Safety Team Members, and Administration should have their knowledge and fitness level tested to a degree in respect to their position.
• Organizing and executing staff development and training regularly
• Evaluating staff members on their skills and knowledge regularly
• Motivating others—through words, actions, and team-building activities—to strive for excellence in their fitness and their work
• Communicating plans and changes effectively with others.

Different facilities may expand upon certain facets of the aquatic supervisor’s role, but the primary responsibility must always be to ensure the safety of swimmers and guests.

What are the objectives for the Aquatic Supervisor, Lifeguard Management and Pool Activity Leader class?

The objectives for the Aquatic Supervisor, Lifeguard Manager and Pool Activity Leader are as follows:
• To learn the roles and responsibilities of the aquatic supervisor, both in the day-to-day tasks as well as in emergency situations.
• To define the members of the safety team, along with their various roles.
• To understand the use and function of all of the different types of rescue equipment.
• To recognize the importance of supervising scanning and swimmer surveillance, and how to anticipate possible problems from swimmers at risk, environmental issues, loss of focus and fatigue.
• To grasp the different types of Emergency Action Plans, and how the aquatic supervisor will create and implement plans at different swim facilities.
• To understand the particular needs of groups at a swim facility, and be prepared to implement such strategies as swim assessments and buddy systems.

Examples of duties

Performs all lifeguard responsibilities including monitoring pool activities, applying first aid, and performing water rescues as necessary.
• Ensures all swimmers are well-supervised in the pool and on decks. Fills in for lifeguards as necessary.
• Prepares related records and reports as required.
• Orients new lifeguards. Ensures that all lifeguards are current in their training and
• Schedules, coordinates and conducts in-service training. Ensures that lifeguards are
fully competent in first aid, CPR, and all water rescues techniques.
• Schedules lifeguards to ensure adequate coverage of pool is maintained during
operating hours.
• Ensures lifeguards perform in accordance with established safety regulations and
• Keeps management well-informed of pool maintenance needs including cleaning, chemical adjustments and repairs.
• Interfaces with patrons regarding concerns, problems, or any other significant issues. Provides input and feedback while responding to problems.
• Ensures that aquatic programs are occurring as desired and assists with the overall management of swimming events

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