CPR Renewal Class Near Me

It's been a while since you took a CPR renewal class. You think you'll be okay, but then, looking back, you've forgotten most of the skills you learned in your first one. You remember the basics; the chest compressions, the breathing, but what were those other little details you're supposed to remember?

You might be thinking, don't I just need to know the basics? The answer is no! There's more you need to know when it comes to CPR, and if there's someone's life on the line, you need to do all you can to learn those important skills.

So what do you do? Take a refresher class of course! But you wonder, is there a CPR recertification course near me?

Don't worry, keep on reading, and we'll tell you where you can find a course, what will be on your course, and what the best course is for you to take, to polish up those skills and get that certification.

CPR class

Where can I find a CPR Renewal Class near me?

CPR Training is an essential skill set that anyone can learn. But the question is, if you're not in a line of work where you might need these skills on a day-to-day basis (Doctors, nurses), where can you learn them? There's many skills sessions available all over the United States for you to be able to learn the Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques from certified professionals that you need to help save a person in need.

  • Employers: Many employers and companies provide CPR classes. This could be because you're healthcare professionals (Doctors, Nurses) or if you're teachers, or even if your company wants their employees to be able to provide BLS in case of emergencies. Always check and see if your employer or company provides First Aid, CPR/ AED Training, because a lot of the time, these classes are free to participate in.
  • Online: Online classes are gathering more popularity, especially in recent climates, and provide you the same amount of certification and skills to give First Aid, CPR, AED in an emergency - correctly and efficiently. You can look at organizations such as the American Heart Association, who provide many classes both in person and online.

What will the Class cover?

There are many different classes for you to choose from, depending on what type of skills you need to cover; from a simple BLS course to a First Aid and AED skills session, you need to know which course is right for you.

Here's a list of the possible classes you can do:

  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED class: This is for the general public and covers everything from burns and cuts through to sudden illnesses.
  • Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED class: This course is similar to the above although it doesn't include First Aid. It's for teachers, coaches, parents, and anyone needing to complete healthcare classes for their workplace.
  • Basic Life Support class: This is for first time and students who want to renew their knowledge. It does not include First Aid training. It is for healthcare professionals such as Doctors/Nurses/EMTs etc.
  • Review Class: Any student can complete this class and receive a full certification. It's good for people who have taken the class before and just want to review what they know.
  • Blended Class: This is normally for people who have completed an online module, and is for checking what you know in a hands-on situation.
  • Challenge Class: This is for people who want to 'test out' of their class. All you have to do is pass the demonstration of full skills and a class exam (BLS). This is a shorter class than several listed above, and is more for those who have already completed a class before.

A lot of these classes can be taken online, as the skills demonstration can be monitored and assessed over video conferencing, and the exam can be taken online as well.


Why are CPR Refresher Classes Important?

Once you've passed a skills session or a recertification course, you're certified for up to two years. However, our skill retention declines over time, and even after a year we forget a lot of what we've learnt.

CPR refresher classes are important because they give us a chance to renew our skills, stay up to date on the latest techniques, and increase our confidence when it comes to being a healthcare provider. There will be times when you might be the only person in the room who is a provider of First Aid, and so you need to be at the top of your game to make sure you can treat any adult or child with the correct skills, to the best of your ability.

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