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To be able to save a life if they are having a cardiac arrest is something everyone should know how to do and when there is a free CPR class available there is no reason to. Just being able to help until paramedics come on the scene is enough.

Maybe you have a vulnerable neighbor you've been keeping an eye on, or you've been watching medical shows for years and are feeling inspired. You want to be able to help, but you don't have any extra cash to spend on learning how so can you still get free CPR training?

Well don't worry, below is everything you need to know about taking free CPR classes. From where to find one, what's covered within it, and whether you can get a CPR certification from it. Keep reading and you'll find out if taking a free class is worth your time.

CPR class

Free CPR Classes and Where can I find free CPR tuition?

Most if not all free Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation classes can be found online. This is due to the fact that these classes don't have to pay for a classroom or lecture hall, or any additional CPR supplies to practice with.

However, your employer or workplace may offer free CPR training as an extra qualification. This could be because you're a caregiver, a teacher, or work in some sort of health and safety regulated environment. Even if you don't work in any of these, a lot of companies want their employees to be CPR certified just in case they or any of their customers need emergency medical attention.

Therefore, always double-check and see if your company offers this because to learn CPR is to learn how to save a life.

But, if your company doesn't provide this, then whilst looking for free CPR classes, make sure you look for these key things:

  • Is the course compatible with the American Heart Association or the American Aquatics and Safety Training? There's no point in spending time completing a CPR course, even if it's free, if it doesn't give you CPR training that is correct and recognized by healthcare providers.
  • Do you want to receive a CPR certificate? Why do you want to learn CPR? (Check out our 'Can I become fully certified with a free class' section below) .
  • Be wary if any free online CPR course asks you for your credit card information before you sign up or tells you there are some essential fees, as this could be a scam.

Take time, do your research, and check out reviews before making your choice. You want to make sure the course you choose gives you accurate information on CPR techniques and skills, to be able to provide sufficient aid.

What do free CPR classes cover?

There are many different free online CPR classes, and most of these cover the same amount of CPR training as regular online CPR classes and in-person classes as well.

Here are some of the courses you can look out for:

  • CPR/AED: Courses under this name take you through the BLS (Basic life saving) techniques that come with CPR. They cover CPR, AED and choking; with adults, children, and infants.
  • Healthcare provider BLS: Courses under this name are normally a more professional level life saving class. The training includes the same as the CPR/AED course, but is for anyone who's job or school requires CPR training.
  • CPR/AED/First Aid: Courses under this name cover First Aid,AED and CPR. This course is for anyone who also wants to learn about First Aid as well, such as medical emergencies and traumatic injuries, as well as burns etc.

As most of these free CPR classes are online, you'll be learning this training through videos and online assessments. They'll cover the same information, from how to deal with heart attacks to accurate chest compressions, and everything is self-paced, which means you'll have all the time you need to learn these skills.

If learning CPR online seems like too much, there are other free online training courses you can take that cover basics like First Aid, which will allow you to still react in the case of a medical emergency.


Can I become fully certified with a free class?

Because it is a free class, not a lot of online course providers will give you a certification. This is why it's important if you're looking for certification, to find a course that provides this.

In fact, a lot of free online CPR courses have you pay at the end of the class to obtain your CPR certification. This means you'll know everything about CPR, but may not have any proof of your certification.

However, some free CPR courses will give you a medical card stating that you have completed online CPR training. So even though this isn't a certificate, it's still evidence to show that you put the work in to learn CPR, AED, First Aid, or Basic Life Saving.

Not everyone will know how to perform CPR, but if the time comes where someone's life is in your hands, you'll certainly be thankful you learned.

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