Hire a Lifeguard for an Event

Are you wondering how to hire a lifeguard for an event? If you’ve got a pool party or event coming up you may be wondering if it’s worth hiring one. Will it be a waste of money? You may not even know where to find lifeguards for hire.

If you ever have doubts about using lifeguard services, remember that drownings are called the “silent killer”. So-called because when someone drowns they usually don’t make any noise while slipping under the surface of the water, completely unseen.

It’s a terrifying thought and this is why a qualified lifeguard is essential. Non-qualified personnel such as parents should not take on the responsibility of maintaining water safety during a party. They don’t have the experience and knowledge that a lifeguard does.

They are rigorously trained experts who have the skills to spot someone in trouble before the situation escalates. As well as that they have specialist training in CPR, treating injuries, and first aid.

In this useful guide, we’ll go through why it’s important to hire lifeguards, which situations require them, and where to find them, so make sure you read on to find out more!


Lifeguard Event Hire

Now let's look at all aspects of hiring a lifeguard. Why are they important? Where do you find them? Hiring companies will usually offer a lifeguard for hire at pretty reasonable rates. Keep in mind that you’re paying for their services to keep you and other swimmers safe.

Which events require Lifeguards?

When you think of a lifeguard at work, your first thought is probably at the beach. While this is true, they can be stationed at many other locations as well. They work in indoor and outdoor settings at most water-related parties and sports.

Children's pool parties and school swim lessons are commonplace for them to work. These types of situations definitely require assistance as children can get into trouble in the blink of an eye. They can easily swim to a depth that’s too much for them and a quick-thinking lifeguard is a necessity.

They also work in sports and health clubs. No matter how experienced you are at swimming, accidents can happen and a lifeguard should always be present. Generally, you’ll find most places have 1 lifeguard per twenty swimmers. If it’s children’s swim lessons or a party, this is usually fifteen children to one lifeguard.


Why is Lifeguard assistance important?

The sad truth is that drowning can happen very quickly and usually with no noise. While you may have visions of drowning people flailing and screaming for help, this is usually only seen in movies. Unfortunately, a person who is drowning will struggle to keep their head above the water, which is why they stay silent. They can’t breathe or shout to get anyone’s attention.

This is especially true when it’s a child, they’re simply not strong enough to hold themselves above water. In just a few minutes the situation can turn into a complete tragedy.

Summer is pool party season and a relaxing swim can provide hours of fun and relief from the sweltering heat. Although it’s important to have a fun time, safety is of paramount importance, and that’s where a lifeguard comes in.

Relying on a fellow parent or other patrons to keep watch is simply a disaster waiting to happen. Lifeguards are specially trained professionals who have the skills to spot and rescue someone who is drowning. The average person doesn’t have the reaction time and skills to recognize when someone is in trouble. This is why lifeguard services are so important.

Where can I hire a Lifeguard?

Many places would provide a private lifeguard for hire. American Aquatics and Safety Training certified lifeguards are usually available for hire for small and large parties.

A good lifeguard company will have a great website where you can see what they offer and what qualifications they hold. Wherever you choose to have your lifeguard from, make sure they have the required qualifications and training.

Safety is of utmost importance, especially if there will be children swimming.  You’ll normally need to book well in advance, particularly if it’s summer as professional assistance will be in high demand.

Start by using the internet to search for hiring companies near you. Make some inquiries and decide which one fits your needs the best. You can also check with your local pool and leisure center to see if they have a lifeguard for hire. Usually, you’ll need to hire for a minimum of 3 hours so ensure your party will last long enough.

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