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Hiring a lifeguard for a pool party or private swimming lessons can be a great way for you to completely relax, knowing you have a trained professional with a lifeguard certification to watch over the swimmers in the pool. First aid training is a key aspect that hiring a lifeguard for an event will know and put into practice in an emergency.

If you're hosting a private swim or a pool party, it may not even occur to you that a lifeguard certification holder may be needed. Or, you may assume that the pool you're hiring will provide the same swim instructor you take your kids for their swim lessons. While all this can be arranged, you must make a conscious effort to keep your swimmers as safe as they can be.

Below we will be going through a few steps that you may need in hiring your own lifeguard. We will also show you when you should actually take the time to use lifeguards or swim instructors and the personal rules for your specific area.


Hiring Lifeguards and When do I need to hire Lifeguards?

There are lots of different options and occasions where you may need a lifeguard for hire. Parties are the main reason that you would need a lifeguard. Having a trained professional and the designated safety personnel will keep your day safe and fun, and let you enjoy the day having the peace of mind a trained American Aquatics and Safety Training lifeguard is available.

Depending on the age group or the expected headcount will determine how many lifeguards you will need for your private event. The usual rule to stand by is one lifeguard being sufficient enough for 20 swimmers, of all varying abilities. If you are hosting a party for children under the age of 4, we recommend using an event lifeguard per 15 children in the pool. The safety of younger kids is the utmost priority.

If you're hosting a party at your home and you have your own swimming pool, a lifeguarding professional should be one of the things you're hiring, along with the clown and the cake. A study has shown that 46% of children who drown were last seen inside the house. A lifeguard for hire may be the answer to stop any accidents. Taking your eyes off the water for even a second could result in some disaster. Having a lifeguarding trained swim instructor is the best way to keep someone on the ball at all times.

Where can I hire a Lifeguard?

Hiring a lifeguard couldn't be easier. Many different services can be used to keep your private swim event as safe as possible. Dedicated online services are great; you can see what dates are available and how they will correspond with your event's time frame.

The venue that you're hiring may have its own dedicated lifeguard for hire, so this could also be a great idea when choosing lifeguards for your swimmers. Some services have a number that you can ring with instant scheduling. A great feature to ensure you are instantly booked in, and you know your data is secure.

Private swim lessons are a great place you should think about hiring this service. The swimmers will not be learning a new skill from the training they are given, but they will feel safe knowing there is a dedicated person to make sure swimmers don't have any accidents.


What are the rules for my area?

When it comes to lifeguarding in your locality, the main difference between the services is the price. Ranging from under $150 in some areas and over $200 in others such as New York. The minimum time frame that you will be charged for using a lifeguard company will be 3 hours. Any extra time needed will have an extra cost per hour.

A lifeguarding professional may also be able to provide some entertainment in the pool water. If they have assessed the scene and feel that everyone is a competent enough swimmer, they can coordinate some relay races, sharks, and minnows games. Safety is still the priority, so the lifeguard will have to remain in a position to be able to watch over all of the guests. The hiring of two people with these life skills may be a better choice. You will have a lot more freedom in the kind of entertainment that can be brought to your swimmers.

Lifeguard service updates may change from time to time. Hence, it is always good to keep yourself fully updated with the most recent implications brought into having a American Aquatics and Safety Training trained professional at your party.

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