How Long Is a CPR Class

Nowadays taking an online CPR class is easier than ever with the vast variety of online First Aid/CPR/AED classes available on the internet! Wondering how long is a CPR class? Perhaps you have a busy schedule or an unconventional line of work with strange hours - do you really have the time to take a course? The courses from the American Aquatics and Safety Training and the American Heart Association offer expert training compliant with OSHA standards.

These skills are vital whether you need to satisfy job requirements or simply want to know how to keep your loved ones safe. The American Aquatics and Safety Training provides CPR training courses from world-class instructors who will teach you via award-winning online courses!

But just how long is CPR class, and how much time will it take up with traveling? Choose from online or in-person courses, or take a blended Simulation Learning class that combines online learning with in-person instruction with hands-on elements. Some of these courses may seem long, and some in the industry might claim significantly shorter hours required for CPR certification, but it is important to remember that if you are getting training for jobs or healthcare providers, the AHA certification is worth every second!

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CPR Certification Time Commitments and How long does it take to become CPR certified?

When taking part in an American Heart Association CPR and First Aid training courses for first responders, medical emergencies, and First Aid/CPR/AED courses, students must complete hands-on skills sessions to obtain an American Heart Association CPR course completion card. Apart from this, however, you will find that for most CPR classes blended learning and online learning is completely common. But just how long are CPR and First Aid courses?

An AHA CPR/AED course is about three hours long, although it can be much shorter depending on the size of the class and how many people will be renewing their course completion cards. An AHA First Aid or Pediatric First Aid course is also somewhere around three hours long, or three and a half hours for large classes or classes comprised mainly of beginners and first-time participants who may have many questions.

An AHA First Aid/CPR/AED course with course material that covers training for not one but two different skill sets will typically last between four and six hours long. Of course, this will be shorter if comprised of those renewing CPR certification and longer for those who have never before engaged with training and have no certificate.

It is important to remember that no one CPE/AED course - whether it is with AHA or an alternative training provider than AHA - will have the same instructor and so time may change depending on how much time is given to questions, how large classes are and for how many people a class might be their first time on the course.

How long will my CPR certification last?

CPR certification is valid for two years from the date it was issued, and this is the longest period that the knowledge and skills of CPR stay at the acceptable level for an average person. It is important that the everyday person protecting their pals and the professional healthcare provider prevent CPR skill retention decline by refreshing their memory! More than half of certified CPR students would not be able to pass the test after a year removed from initial CPR training. So it is extremely important to refresh your memory with study material obtained during training or via free American Aquatics and Safety Training mobile apps.


How long will it take to become re-certified?

Although it is common for a CPR course to last around three hours, renewal courses can be as short as two hours! Yet, even CPR classes comprised of those who are just renewing their certificate and simply need a refreshment on their CPR training will still take a fair amount of time. The videos shown in these CPR courses contain such important CPR skills that even the most knowledgeable group will still be required to cover key topics and practice essential CPR techniques.

It's important to remember the date when your CPR certificate expires, as you will need to update your certificate on time. You do not want to put yourself in a situation where someone is in need of your CPR skills and your license is not valid as you could find yourself in serious legal trouble.

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