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Becoming a lifeguard is a skill that appeals to lots of different people for many different reasons. Some people want a fun summer job that is rewarding and active, while others, such as parents, want to learn some extra skills needed to keep their kids safe when they are at the beach or in the pool. You never know when someone's life could be at risk, so having this skill could be extremely valuable if an accident happens. So, where is the best place to get a Lifeguard Certificate? And what kind of experience do you need?

Getting a lifeguard certificate online may seem difficult. You may think they are not available in this way. But they are out there ready for you to become fully certified and gain a new skill that could save lives. This post will go through some of the steps you will need to get your online lifeguard training course certificate and what kind of experience in water safety you may need prior.

American Aquatics and Safety Training

How to take an Online Lifeguard Certifications and Why should I take an online certification?

Taking an online certification is a great way to learn a new skill or push and advance a skill you already have. The American Aquatics and Safety Training lifeguard training program will help you keep yourself safe and even save others' lives if an accident happens in the water, and people need help. This course is great for parents who want to have that added security when their children are in the water. Knowing they have all of the necessary skills provided from this amazing online course.

What will I need before I take an online course?

Before taking an American Aquatics and Safety Training online course like this, you will have needed to complete the water's necessary practice. Swimming 300 yards continuously, treading water for 2 minutes only using your legs, completing a timed swimming event within 1 minute 40 seconds. This event consists of swimming 20 yards, diving between 7 and 10 feet to retrieve a 10-pound weight, returning to the surface, and then swimming 20 yards back to the start point. Then finally exit the water without having to use any steps or ladders.

The American Aquatics and Safety Training requires you to complete different swimming skills, rescue skills, Caring for Head, Neck, or Back Injury Skills, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Skills, First Aid Skills, and 3 different skill scenarios.

Once you have completed all of these, you will be able to take the final exam to make you a fully qualified American Aquatics and Safety Training lifeguard. 15 years of age is the youngest someone can participate in this American Aquatics and Safety Training program.

What will the course cover?

In these lifeguard certification programs, you will cover various skills and techniques associated with CPR/AED and First Aid training. You will receive online training videos as well as a lifeguard specific reference manual. You will need to become familiar with all of the skills shown in the materials given to you and show that you can perform them to a competent level.

When you have completed all of the necessary online material via the training videos and can prove your newly accomplished skills, you will need to take an online test. To complete this test, you must pass 80% of the questions or higher. A great thing about this test is that there is no specific time limit, but these courses must be completed in one sitting.

The certification program can be retaken at no extra cost if you don't manage to pass the first time, ensuring you will always pass this lifeguarding certification no matter how long it takes you to do so.

When you have completed the exam, you will receive a full printout of your exam score, along with all of the correct answers to the questions you may have got wrong. It is important to review these questions to know them all for certain. When you complete this lifeguard class, you will also be given the first aid, CPR AED certification to show you have completed your water safety training. These training programs are the very best for online courses, and your safety training certificate will last for 2 years.

On the day of your successful completion of the online lifeguard class, you will receive an email that confirms your achievement, plus you will also be placed on the national verification system. You will be a professional rescuer and professional lifeguard in the United States for two years, along with full first aid knowledge and CPR/AED training.

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