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Lifeguarding can be a great skill to learn. It could be for the leisure of becoming more confident in the water, gaining knowledge and skills that could help save somebody's life, or even giving you your own piece of mind if you are having a beach day with your children or are visiting the local pool.

A lifeguarding certificate will be valid for 2 years, and with this, you can get an active summer job with many personal rewards. You may even look for a job within a leisure center that has a pool. However, once the 2 years have been completed, it is time to get recertified, and there are a few different ways you can do this.

In our review, we will be explaining some of the ways you can get a lifeguarding certificate renewed, the things you must already have in place to gain renewal, and finally, what an American Aquatics and Safety Training renewal certification course will cover.

Please sit back, relax, and let us dive right in!


Online Lifeguard Recertification Classes and How Do I need to renew my Lifeguard Certification?

When you receive your American Aquatics and Safety Training lifeguard certificate, it will be valid for up to two years. When the 2 years have finished, it is time to get your renewal. If you want to work within this sector, whether in an indoor pool or a beach lifeguard outside, you always need to have a valid certificate to show you're American Aquatics and Safety Training Lifeguarding certified.

There are a few prerequisites that you must have to renew your lifeguard training, with the main one being that your original certificate has only been expired within 30 days of your first water safety class. There are no exceptions to this, and if your class is past the required 30 days, you must complete the original course again.

How can I get Recertified?

To become recertified as a Lifeguard, there are a few prerequisites you must already have. The first one is to hold a current American Aquatics and Safety Training Lifeguard Training certificate. This has also been only expired a maximum of 30 days on the first day of your water safety course.

In the course, you need to show that you can swim 300 yards continuously. While you are swimming, you must demonstrate rhythmic breathing and breath control. You must also show that you can use both the front crawl and breaststroke swimming techniques.

Treading water will be another ability that you'll need to demonstrate. This is to be done with only your legs for a minimum of two minutes. The main technique for this is having your hands under your armpits to ensure you are not using them in any way.

The final event of the American American Aquatics and Safety Training course is a timed challenge. In this challenge, you must swim 20 yards using either the breaststroke or the front crawl. You are then required to surface dive between 7 and 10 feet in depth to retrieve a 10-pound object. After you have the object, return to the surface and swim the 20 yards back to the starting point. Finally, you are needed to exit the pool without using any steps or ladders to aid you. All of this needs to be completed within 1 minute and 40 seconds for you to finish.

If you can demonstrate all of these skills, you will be applicable to take the certification course to become a certified lifeguard once more.


What do Online Recertification Classes Cover?

An online American Aquatics and Safety Training lifeguard recertification class will cover lots of different things. Its main purpose is to recertify any lifeguard training participant on the skills and knowledge to help prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies no matter what they may be. This course's certification will include American Aquatics and Safety Training Lifeguarding, Professional Rescuer First Aid and CPR/AED. To be allowed on the recertification course, you will need to supply copies of your current certificate along with your registration form.

Anyone who has a certificate expired beyond 30 days that the first class has taken place will need to retake the full lifeguard training certification, with no exceptions being made for this. To take a lifeguard renewal course, you will need to pay a fee.

This cost will change depending on your provider, and some charities offer a free version. It is a good idea to speak with your local swimming center as they will have a lot of information regarding the payment process and the best option for you.

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