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Everyone has a busy schedule these days and making time to take a First Aid course can be difficult. However, taking an online First Aid course is a flexible and easy way to get an emergency response certification without the stress.

There are a lot of different types of First Aid certification that you can achieve. Luckily for us, there are online training courses available for nearly all of them. Read on to find out what online courses entail, and how you can book yourself onto one today.

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Online First Aid Classes

Getting your First Aid training online is easy, quick, and flexible enough to fit into anyone's schedule. However, when you first start looking for online courses the amount of choice on offer can be quite overwhelming. This is why it's important to work out exactly what kind of certification you need before searching for an online course.

For example, someone training to be a water safety nurse assistant will need completely different First Aid qualifications to someone working in a school child care team. Check with your employer to find out exactly which qualifications are required. This will make finding a suitable First Aid course much easier.

What do online First Aid Classes cover?

We've already said that there are First Aid classes available in nearly every emergency response discipline. First Aid, CPR/ AED, and Basic Life Support are just a few of the options that are on offer. Every course will have different content and it completely depends on which one you take.

Having said that, nearly all of the online courses are overseen by the American Aquatics and Safety Training. As an example of what you can expect from First Aid courses, we've outlined some of the American Aquatics and Safety Training First Aid certification modules below:


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

A CPR First Aid certification is one that is often required by employers. This class teaches you all you need to know about giving emergency life support. You'll go into how to resuscitate a person using chest compressions, and learn all the correct and effective procedures.

There'll also be specific child CPR classes that are ideal for anyone who works with children. The procedures differ quite a lot between child and adult CPR, so make sure you are on the correct course.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

A BLS class. is one of the most popular First Aid courses around. This is because it is required for a lot of jobs such as lifeguarding. This is an excellent First Aid course to supplement what you have already learned in a CPR class.

You'll learn a wide range of techniques that will improve your confidence in emergency situations and greatly increase the chance that you'll be able to effectively assist a victim.

Free online classes

You'll even be able to find some free online CPR classes if you know what you're looking for. Lots of free courses offer a full certification upon completion of the course, so this is a great way to get qualified and do some First Aid training without having to break the bank.

The free courses usually focus on the basics of First Aid and are a great stepping stone to some of the more advanced classes. Taking a free course is the easiest way to start your online First Aid training journey.

How will I be assessed?

Nearly every online First Aid course will be assessed via a written quiz. These quizzes will test your knowledge of everything you have learned through the course, and if your result is above the required threshold, then you'll receive your certification straight after.

Some First Aid online classes such as BLS or CPR might require a video assessment segment. This is quite rare though, and most will just stick to a written exam.

What are the benefits of online First Aid Classes?

The main benefit of taking a First Aid online class is that they are flexible enough to fit into any schedule. Making time to take a training course can be difficult, especially if it's not being provided by your employer. With an online training course, you can complete your certificates whenever suits you.

Furthermore, it is really easy to find the class type that is suitable for you. This means you don't waste time looking at CPR classes when the qualification you need is a BLS certificate. Taking an online training class just simplifies the whole process, and makes getting your First Aid certification a piece of cake.

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