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Have you got a pool party coming up? You’ve probably thought about renting a lifeguard, but maybe you don’t know how to go about it? Is a lifeguard worth the money? Maybe you don’t know where to find lifeguards for hire?

Drownings can happen very quickly and usually, the person won’t make any noise. They’ll be pulled underneath the water before they can scream for help. If you ever wonder if a lifeguard is a waste of money, remember that drowning can kill someone silently.

This is the reason lifeguards are essential, whether it’s a pool party or swim lessons, they can be the difference between a drowning person surviving or not. Never expect anyone who doesn’t possess life-guarding qualifications, to keep watch. They won’t have the skills that lifeguards have.

Water safety should never be neglected, and lifeguards are expertly trained and can spot someone in trouble before the situation gets out of hand. The average person would not be able to do this, and accidents could turn into tragedies.

In this article, we aim to take you through how to find a good lifeguard for hire, and why it’s a necessity for your next event. If you’d like to find out more, make sure you keep reading.


Lifeguard Renting and When do I need to rent a Lifeguard?

A lifeguard should be considered essential whatever your party size is. They will ensure the safety of others and stop accidents from escalating. You probably think of the beach as being a lifeguard's main place of work. While they do frequently work at beaches, they can be in other locations as well.

A pool party is another place you’ll usually see them working. Children’s water-related events most definitely require a professional. Children are hard to watch over, they can get into trouble as quickly as a flash, and someone not qualified may not be able to spot the immediate signs.

There may be specific rules in your area regarding lifeguards. You may only be able to have a certain number of people per lifeguard, so it’s important to check this before you throw a party or organize an event.

Renting a lifeguard means you’ll be able to enjoy the party without worrying about safety. You can be sure that you have a trained professional to keep everyone safe.

Which events require a lifeguard?

Any public organization such as renting a lifeguard for a movie shoot or private party that involves swimming should use lifeguard services. A certified, insured event lifeguard is there to ensure the situation is safe and fun for everyone. Sports clubs often have lifeguards as well as swimming competitions. Even the most experienced swimmers can have accidents.

When you search for a private lifeguard for your pool event, take the time to ensure they have the correct qualifications and training and that they’re certified and fully insured. The American Aquatics and Safety Training is a good place to look and you should be able to find one local to your area.

The bottom line is if you think you should hire a lifeguard, then do. Safety in the water should be taken very seriously, especially if you have children. You want them and other swimmers to be safe and to enjoy their day.


Why is Lifeguard assistance important?

Lifeguard assistance is essential at a private event because there highly likely isn’t anyone else that could rescue a drowning person. If you host a pool party, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of your guests, and that’s where lifeguards come in.

It’s not something that people want to think about, but drowning can happen faster than you can imagine. When someone starts to drown, they get dragged underneath the water so they can’t cry out for help. Because of this, sometimes it isn’t easy to spot the signs of someone who is in trouble.

Knowing that you have a trained professional will give you peace of mind and allow you to have fun without any worries. There are hiring companies all over the US offering lifeguards for hire. No matter if it’s for private swim lessons or a huge party at a water park, they’ll have a suitable lifeguard for hire.

A lifeguard’s job is to spot signs of distress and rescue people, they’ll be trained in CPR, rescue breathing techniques, and first aid. Neglecting to have lifeguards at your party could put all of your guests at risk. So, if you think that it will be a waste of money, keep in mind that drowning is unfortunately very common.

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