Online Sexual Harassment Training class

Sexual harassment training online courses offer an accessible way to combat poor conduct in the workplace by providing employees and supervisors with information on what exactly constitutes sexual harassment, the relevant laws associated with it, as well as the organization’s own policies regarding reported incidents of sexual harassment. Our online Sexual Harassment Training class meets New York state requirements. It will stop and prevent Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Students will receive certification at the end of the class.


What to Expect From Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training defines the behaviors which constitute sexual harassment. provides Sexual harassment training using real-world scenarios to effectively convey examples of such behavior. Following the initial review of how sexual harassment is defined, the course covers:

  • Who can be a victim of Sexual Harassment
  • Who can be a perpetrator of Sexual Harassment
  • What laws prohibit Sexual Harassment
  • What can a Bystander do?
  • How does a Company handle a Complaint of Sexual Harassment

 For supervisors and managers, this course will explain the steps which should be taken when a complaint is filed; this will include the process of investigating and documenting the incident.

Company-specific harassment policies should meet or exceed the policies discussed in the training. Sexual harassment training does not cover all forms of harassment and discrimination within the workplace, nor will they cover health and safety topics.  Sexual Harassment Training is intended to highlight what sexual harassment is and what counts as inappropriate, harassing behavior in a working environment. offers online sexual harassment training programs that are taken by the individual online. also offers in-person training for offices upon request.

What to Expect From Sexual Harassment Training

Why are sexual harassment courses important?

Sexual Harassment courses are vital for tackling the issue of workplace sexual harassment.  As sexual harassment is becoming more and more prevalent, strategies must be in place to eliminate the issue.  This begins with educating employees, supervisors, and managers on what sexual harassment actually looks like so that, if it should occur, it can be reported and dealt with effectively.

Sexual harassment prevention boosts workplace morale by demonstrating that those on a management level take it seriously and that it won’t be tolerated under any circumstances.  It ensures that employees feel comfortable while at work which ultimately increases productivity levels across the company.

Certain states in the US require that employers provide their employees with sexual harassment training on a mandatory basis.  This is the case in New York state, where every employee is required to take training annually and to be able to provide proof of completion through a certificate of completion. You can learn more about the laws in New York regarding the size of an organization and mandatory sexual harassment training on our website.

Online Sexual Harassment Training

Online Training Vs In-Person Training

In this section, we'll outline what an online course entails in comparison to an in-person program. We've also made sure to include the pros and cons of each so that you can weigh up which method of training will be best suited to your workplace.


Do You Know . . .’s online sexual harassment prevention training course includes a series of eLearning modules that can be accessed on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone via an internet connection. The modules will generally focus on defining harassment and the relevant legal policies associated with it, recognizing signs of sexual harassment, preventative strategies, and bystander intervention responsibilities.

No prior experience will be required for undertaking training as it’s designed to be accessible to all employees and employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. There is no time limit so employees can complete the course at their own pace. Employees must complete a quiz at the end of the course, and score at least an 80% to receive their completion certificate.




Unlike eLearning,’s in-person training involves subject matter experts either coming into the workplace to provide a sexual harassment training session or providing a live online session. A certificate of completion is earned by attending the entire training. The training will be very similar to that of eLearning but is life, which allows for interactive questions and answers, real-time discussion of topics, and interaction of employees.



Final Thoughts on Sexual Harassment Training

Whether online or in person, every employer should provide sexual harassment training to their employees regularly. By implementing sexual harassment prevention training, every employee will feel a sense of mutual respect and dignity within the organization. Employers must be up-to-date on their legal state requirements surrounding sexual harassment training and, even if an employer isn't legally obligated to provide their employees with annual training, they should consider the wide-reaching benefits which come with creating a safe and equal work environment.

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